Why the #1 Best Brain Food to Boost Memory & Focus is SALMON

April 15, 2022

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There is a huge connection between what you eat and how your brain operates. Find out what the #1 best brain food is!

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0:00 Introduction: How to improve cognitive function with what you eat  
0:25 Benefits of brain food 
0:50 The best brain fuel 
1:17 Nutrients to boost cognitive function 
6:35 The connection between your gut and brain
7:35 What is the best brain food? 
8:38 Foods high in vitamin B1
9:33 What depletes vitamin B1?
11:55 The best things you can do for your brain 
13:25 Check out my video on fasting for your brain!

There are a lot of foods that can support the brain. But, some of these foods are better than others based on their nutrients. 

Foods that support cognitive function can help improve:
• Attention 
• Perception
• Memory
• Learning 
• Reasoning 
• Planning 
• Problem-solving 
• Decision making 
• Multitasking 

The right nutrients are essential to boost cognitive function. But, even more than that, the fuel you run your brain on is the most important thing. The best fuel for the brain is ketones. 

The best nutrients to support the brain:
1. Vitamin B1 
2. Vitamin D3
3. Zinc 
4. BDNF 
5. DHA 

There is a big connection between your gut and your brain. It’s essential to support your gut to help improve your cognitive function. 

The best foods to support your gut health are fermented foods, such as:
• Sauerkraut 
• Kefir 
• Kimchi 
• Fermented vegetables 

The #1 best brain food to boost cognitive function:
• Wild-caught salmon 

Foods high in vitamin B1 to support cognitive function: 
1. Nutritional yeast (unfortified)
2. Sunflower seeds 
3. Pork 

Things that deplete vitamin B1:
• Alcohol 
• Refined sugar 
• Refined carbs 
• Tea 
• Caffeine 
• Stress
• Antibiotics 
• Certain medications, like metformin or diuretics
• Chocolate 

The very best things you can do for your brain are to get on the Healthy Keto diet and do intermittent fasting. After that, you need to consume foods high in vitamin B1 and avoid things that will deplete B1. 

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Thanks for watching! Salmon is the #1 best brain food to boost cognitive function. I’ll see you in the next video.