Food Diary and Symptom Log – Track How Your Diet Affects Your Symptoms | for IBS, Allergies, Crohn’s/IBD | A5 Spiral Bound | Made in UK

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Be symptom-free as quickly as just a few weeks from now by discovering and eliminating the root cause of your symptoms using this unique food diary and symptom log.
This specialised food diary can help you identify foods that may be triggering your…

  • GI issues, including problems with bowel movements, abdominal pain, IBS, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis flare-ups
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Mood disorder
  • Migraine headaches
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Acid reflux

You can also use this journal to track your progress with an elimination diet (such as the low FODMAP diet), and help manage eating disorder.
As well as taking detailed accounts of your food and symptoms, this diary also lets you take detailed notes of your bowel movements, water intake, mood & energy levels, exercise/activity levels, and sleep.
Everybody knows that prevention is better than cure. Why resort to drugs with their nasty side effects and scary surgical procedures like bowel resection, when you can identify and eliminate the root cause of your condition?
So send for a copy of this food diary now, get started on identifying and eliminating those trigger foods, and you might soon discover what it feels like to finally be symptom free without drugs and without surgery.
FOOD & SYMPTOM DIARY: Track what you ate for all three meals and any snacks, & write down any reactions you experienced, or how you felt.
BOWEL MOVEMENT TRACKER: Monitor the type of stool & number of times you go – with printed Bristol Stool Chart on the front page.
WATER INTAKE MONITOR: Helps you stay hydrated, simply check off one water icon every time you drink a glass of water.
MOOD & ENERGY LOG: See how your diet affects your mood & energy levels – rate them on scales from 1 to 10.
EXERCISE/ACTIVITY MONITOR: Record the description, time and duration of up to 3 different workouts per day – so you can see how your activity levels affect your symptoms.
SLEEP TRACKER: With sleep time, wake time, hours slept & sleep quality score.
120 PAGES: for 60 days worth of tracking.
A5 SIZE (15 x 21 cm): small enough to take with you to the restaurant.
SPIRAL BOUND: so you can effortlessly open and lie the book completely flat, allowing lots of space for easy writing.
Premium white paper with soft matt cover.

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